Hey guys,

so happy to tell you about two new events in my schedule:

One – I will be in Freiburg, offering one of my WATERCONTACT workshops on the 13 th of May in the morning in this amazing thermal bath called KEIDELTHERME. We will have our own private pool with 34 degrees warm water where we can dance and move freely. Whoever would like to know more about this event, please contact me directly via mail oder through the contact form on my website.

Second – I have been invited to teach one of the Intensives in the TanzTageTempelhof Festival in August and I said yes. I am really happy about it and super curious. I will offer Body-Mind Centering® into Contact Improvisation in 4 of the morning slots and we will work with the following theme “MOVE TO CONNECT”. If you would like to know more about that, please visit the website of the festival:

I would love to see-feel you in one of these events and wish you a wonderful day, warmly from Marielle.