Contact Improvisation

… some impressions how it can look like … these wonderful photos were made by Ambarish Shiva 2018 in India … here you see me dancing with my friend and colleague Guru Suraj …

Contact Improvisation is a social dance form that plays with the question how two or more bodies can move together through space without having agreed on a choreography before. We explore how to keep in touch and share weight as we improvise our way through all levels in space. We constantly negotiate the shared movement journey in a non-verbal dialogue. For me, especially interesting is how we can equally share the responsibility for staying in touch as well as in movement.

In my courses we explore both somatic and technical aspects of Contact Improvisation, that I find interesting, useful and worthwhile to study. Body awareness, contact to oneself and solo movement are the points of departure before going into contact with others. I work with basic principles of non-verbal communication and the organization of body weight as well as with exemplary pathways.