Class into Jam

 26 th of October 2024 from 3.30 – 7.30 pm

close to Witzenhausen

registration alone or also possible in duets (with a fixed practice partner for the partner explorations)

This offer is a possibility to explore Somatic Movement and Contact Improvisation in a very nice salty warm water pool that I have rented just for us. We move alone, together with a partner and as a whole group and open up for what the watery environment can teach us.

First we make ourselves familiar with the new surroundings of the water and get to understand how we organise and regulate our breath in this setting. We take some time to arrive there, to hang out in the water, to fall and relax, to sink to the bottom of the pool, to let us being carried by the water, to dive in and out and to float ourselves.

In groups of two people we explore some „floating“ and bodywork in the water – we drag each other through the water, gently push and pull our partners under water, carry, hug, squeeze, stretch, massage and just hold our partners. In another exploration we also wonder how we can use our partner to move ourselves. We look for support and resistance, surfaces and structures to hold on to, find comfort, roll up on and wrap around.

Then we will ask ourselves, how we can bring this partner work into a little dance and how that dance can be informed by our Contact Improvisation practice on land. What works here in the water and what does not work? How can we communicate non-verbally in the water? How can we stay in touch?

After the work in couples, we will take a good break and finish our shared time with a Watercontact Jam where we have the opportunity to share contact with everybody and to move and be together as a group.

For everybody who is interested in movement and touch in water. Some experience in Contact Improvisation is helpful, but not necessary. Language of my teaching will be German or Englisch or both – depending on the participants and their language skills.

Saturday, 26 th of October 2024 from 3.30 – 7.30 pm

50-100 Euro sliding scale

Additionally, you have to pay your entrance fee upon arrival (19 / 28 Euro for either day ticket for only the bath or for bath + sauna).


Am Gradierwerk 2a
37242 Bad Sooden-Allendorf

Info and registration: