This photo- and video project has been born out of the corona lockdown. It is a fruit of the crisis –the global crisis and my personal crisis. What you see is the result of two people witnessing four dance dates. I invited four of my local dance partners to improvise with me while being witnessed by two cameras. As these dance partners are also my friends, I was interested in how each dance would unfold and how aspects of each relationship would come into the foreground. Afterwards, I asked four musicians from the region to compose and produce soundtracks for the videos, so that each of the witnessed dances would have its own music. My vision was to keep the project as local as possible and to involve mainly artists, friends and colleagues from the region to create an opportunity for all of us to do what we love in these crazy times. So, almost everybody who was part of the project lives in, around or close to Witzenhausen: my four dance partners Niklas Heiland, Katja-Bahini Mangold, Ellie Erdman and Pauline Reichardt; videographer Barak Ben Dov; photographer Oliver Stein as well as the musicians Kaya Martischius, Jörn Berger, Andres Codon, Philip Miller, Joachim Berchthold, ChrisTala and Peter Krug. Even though all of us have been temporarily separated from each other and our community`s we found a way to come together, to move and create locally in a corona conformed way. What a wonderful moment to celebrate the creativity in our region! Thanks to everybody who was involved and who made this project possible. Special thanks to the Hessische Kulturstiftung who supported the project financially as part of the Kulturpaket II: Perspektiven öffnen, Vielfalt sichern.


Where the idea cam from?



Supported as part of the Kulturpaket II: Perspektiven öffnen, Vielfalt sichern.