Workshop CI Marburg (D)

Moving Water – Between stillness and motion

Contact Improvisation and Watermotion
Workshop with Marielle Gerke in Marburg (D)
30.06. + 01.07.2018

Inspired by my studies of the the Axis Syllabus approach and the developmental movement patters from Body-Mind-Centering, in this workshop we will explore our bodies anatomy and movement abilities in relation to gravity and different objects or subjects in space. Sensing ourselves, experiencing anatomy, moving from within, connecting to our inner wisdom and need to move, touch and explore our environment with a playful and curious mind in a safe setting in water and on land.

We will use somatic explorations to investigate the organisation of our moving body and wonder how they can inform our Contact Improvisation practice. Especially inspired I feel from remembering the fact that our bodies are mainly made up of water and that we have spent the first month of our existence in a warm watery environment – our mother`s womb. In my experience reconnecting to the element of water, our personal life time in water and finding inspiration from in water-living creatures is a source for finding softness, gentleness, slowness, permeability and connectivity in movement as well as a sense of comfort, freedom and joy.

So, I am super happy to share the images, information and sensations that build the base for my personal movement practice and understanding. Along with somatic explorations, hand-on-work as well as visual and mental input there will be exemplary movement material – pathways – that I suggest to understand basic principles of Contact Improvisation and how they relate to the somatic explorations. Becoming aware of our cells, getting to know our Inner Starfish and let them play with the other starfish in space, exploring center and spine as the main areas from where movement is organised from and how they relate to other centers and spines in space – moving together in relation to gravity through all the levels in space.

Enjoying three dimensionality. Enjoying effortless moving.
Effortless being. Being movement. Moving slow. Moving gentle. Moving water.

Previous experience in Contact Improvisation and watermotion is helpful but not necessary.

30.06.2018 * 11 am – 9 pm (breaks included) (two sessions on land, one in the water)
01.07.2018 * 11 am – 3.30 pm (break included)

In the afternoon of the 01.07.2018 we end the workshop together with the participation in the regular Contact Impro Jam in the Mensa. Extra costs 5 € (for those who are not a member of Alte Mensa) – happening from 4 – 6 pm.

– the first 8 people who register pay 100 €
– after that everybody pays 120 €
– there is also the option to pay a support price for those who can afford it and like to support my work and the idea that some other participants can pay less, support price 140 €
– pool entrance extra

Alte Mensa
Reitgasse 11
35037 Marburg
+ local pool

Sleeping can be organised. Ask Carolina.

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