Watercontact Workshop



October 5 th * 6 – 10 pm

with Marielle Gerke


As far as I remember, I have felt well and safe in water all my life. I have always loved to be in the shower, the bathtub, the ocean or public swimming pool. In my childhood and in my youth I have spent hours playing and moving alone and together with others in water, training in the swimming club or laying in the bathtub.

When I have started to dance and discover Contact Improvisation I have gotten to know waterdancing/watercontact almost at the same time in this context and started to explore it. Somehow it did not seem very special but rather natural and obvious to me to do that.  In the foreground for me was always the joy and the pleasure of the freedom of movement that i experienced in the water as well as the softness, permeability and tranquillity that it brought to my body, mind and soul. Over the years I have laughed, cried, screamed, loved, danced and researched in the water – mostly in pools but recently also more in open and natural waters. The water has become my home – or should I say it has stayed my home ?!

In this workshop I would love to share once again my joy, love and curiosity for movement, touch and relating in the watery environment. I would like to explore and elaborate important basics as well as my current research questions and interests.

Breathing, sounding, floating, balancing, sinking, falling, turning, spiralling, expanding, condensing, using skin and the layers underneath for orientation, communication and contact, building structures with support value, using and resolving them, horizontal, vertical, three dimensional.

I am always very happy to introduce people into the water world as well as to research and explore with those who are already familiar and at home with this work. So, come by and bring your partners, friends and colleagues!

I have rented the therapy pool, we have it to ourselves. The water is 33 degrees warm – it could be warmer, so for those who are sensitive to temperature, please bring a wetsuit (questions, ask me). Also bring swim wear, nose clip (you can buy of me for 5 €) and goggles (you don´t necessary need goggles). I will teach two sessions, in between there will be a break for snacking, resting and in the end there will time for free improvisation.


Questions & registration: marielle.gerke@gmail.com