One-Day-Workshop in Münster (D)


I am here – what about you?

… The art of relating through movement, touch and weight.


06 th of May 2018


To me one of the most satisfying things in a CI duet is when I feel that my partner is really there – giving weight to me, receiving weight from me or sharing an equal amount of weight with me. I think it is not only satisfying but also very useful and necessary to involve a sufficient amount of shared weight in a duet in order to be able to non-verbally communicate with my partner. Sensing the support of the floor through the body of my partner gives me a base for negotiating directions, level changes and lifts in a dance.

In this one-day-workshop we move alone and together in standing level as well as on the floor and all the possible situations in between. We wonder how can we create enough trust, support and presence for ourselves as well as for our partners to travel effortlessly through all the levels in space – sharing sometime more or less weight and touch.

We get to know our centers, our limbs and our spine as important and functional structures that organise our movement in space in juicy, smooth and effective way. We also use those structures in different manners for offering support for partners, for portioning, transporting or manipulating body masses and weight.

We use elements from Body-Mind-Centering, findings from the Axis Syllabus Community about functional anatomy and pathways to gain a deeper understanding of technical and somatic aspects of Contact Improvisation. There will be time to integrate the suggested material in dancing and to d discover even more details.

The workshop is for people with no or little experience AS WELL AS for those with more and lots of experience. My idea is to create an atmosphere where we can learn and benefit from the different levels of experience. The workshop is a good opportunity to introduce friends, family and others to the dance form you like. I have offered this format like this already a few times and I have felt that the experience was the richest for everybody when the group indeed was mixed.

So, come and bring your friends!