Somatic Retreat by Berlin

Moving Water – Between stillness and motion


Contact Improvisation, Watermotion and Experiental Anatomy

with Marielle Gerke in the countryside of Berlin

11 th – 14 th of Octobre 2018



Warmly I would like to invite you to something really special! I have rented a holiday house in this little village in the countryside of Berlin. Kolpin has 300 inhabitants is embedded by beautiful nature, abundant forests, clean lakes and is only 6 km away from an extraordinarily nice thermal bath (Saarow Therme). There, I would love to spend three days together with you to dance, research, rest, to move with you, to meet you, to touch you and to just be with you.

We practice Contact Improvisation and Waterdance to get into contact with ourselves and others, to tune in together as a group and to develop trust. Through elements from Body-Mind-Centering and Axis Syllabus we explore our bodies anatomy and movement abilities in relation to gravity and different objects or subjects in space. Sensing ourselves, moving from within, connecting to our inner wisdom and need to move, touch and explore our environment with a playful and curious mind in a safe setting in water and on land.

Especially inspired I feel from remembering the fact that our bodies are mainly made up of water and that we have spent the first month of our existence in a warm watery environment – our mother`s womb. In my experience reconnecting to the element of water, our personal life time in water and finding inspiration from in water-living creatures is a source for finding softness, gentleness, slowness, permeability and connectivity in movement as well as a sense of comfort, freedom and joy.

So, I am super happy to share the images, information and sensations that build the base for my personal movement practice and understanding. Along with somatic explorations, hand-on-work as well as visual and mental input there will be exemplary movement material – pathways – that I suggest to understand basic principles of Contact Improvisation and how they relate to the somatic explorations.

I also feel especially inspired by the beautiful nature around the chosen location – so for sure, we will also spend some time outside, exploring, meeting and resting in the forest and at the lake. Group and one-to-one heart sharing practices will be part of the process to support the integration of the experienced and to increase emotional awareness.

Previous experience in Contact Improvisation and watermotion is helpful but not necessary.
The retreat is designed for about 20 participants. Small group, safe, focused and creative learning atmosphere – to grow and just to be!!!

11 th of October * 5 pm arrival
12 th of October * all day
13 th of October * all day
14 th of October * 5 pm departure

In the first night after the opening circle we will have a Contact Impro Jam. The second night will be a colourful evening where the group is creating the night together – like an open stage/space. If you would like to offer something or prepare something to show and share with the other – let me know before and bring what you need for that. Bring your own instruments, pen and paper! The last night there will be a watermotion jam happening in the local pool and if we can still move afterwards we could have a nice little party 😉



  • 200 € early bird (the first 5 people who register)
  • 220 € regular (if you have missed the early bird)
  • 240 € support price (as an option for those who can afford it and like to support my work and the idea that some other participants can pay less)
  • pool + sauna entrance extra (30 €)
  • Bring your own food – I will bring the basics (coffee, tea, milk, salt, spices, sugar, oil, butter, rice, pasta, bread) AND you will bring everything else you want and/or need to eat/drink! We have a kitchen for cooking, storing food and keeping it cool!
  • first night we will have a big buffet – bring something yummy to share for that!
  • sleeping is included


“Alte Försterei Kolpin”
Dorfplatz 5
15526 Kolpin


+ Saarow Therme



Bus: 0.5 km
Airport: Berlin-Schönefeld – 40 km
Train station: Fürstenwalde – 10 km
Motorway exit: Storkow – 8 km