CI Workshops in Kassel

November 7 th 2020

Contact Improvisation &  Experiental Anatomy

with Marielle Gerke

Workshop 11 am – 6 pm


Contact Improvisation is a social dance form which is investigating the question how two or more bodies can move together through space while they keep in touch, share weight and improvise their way. The dancers relate to gravity and each other through movement and touch and can move through all levels in space and in different amounts of numbers – even though the classical form is a duet form. How can we communicate with each other without words and can negotiate in each moment together where to go? Contact Improvisation gives us the chance to meet ourselves, others and our inherent need for movement and touch and to follow it. A differentiated perception and an increased felt sense of the moving and resting body can be practiced with the form and becomes a useful tool. We train the mobility of our body and mind, our ability to tune into ourselves and others, our capacity to trust ourselves and those who want to collaborate with us and want to support us.

In this workshop we will use elements inspired by my studies of Body-Mind-Centering and the Axis Syllabus as well as exemplary pathways in order to get to know or deepen somatic and technical aspects of this dance form.

Previous experiences in dancing and/or CI helpful but not necessary.



Workshop 50-70 EURO Give what you can !



SOZO visions in motion, Grüner Weg 15-17, 34117 Kassel


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