Body-Mind Centering® Workshop


Basic Neurocellular Patterns –
Introduction to movement development in early childhood


6 th + 7 th of August 2022


In this course we use the method of Body-Mind Centering®, to explore and experience basic movement patterns. Much like vocabulary, with which we use composition to form whole sentences, our movement also consists of a combination of different patterns that are both distinguishable from each other as well as overlapping. These basic patterns are stored in our cells as well as in our nervous system and emerge during the course of our movement development. A movement friendly environment that provides safety and comfort fosters the successive and playful unfolding of the movement potential that is inherent in us.

The first 9 months of this process take place in the womb; a watery, spatially-confined environment. Here, the first patterns emerge in close relationship to the mothers´ body, for example, through the actual physical connection of the umbilical cord. This specific environment enables the development of patterns different to that of the patterns made in the wide, earthy and airy space in which we move after birth. Especially, because the effect of gravity is experienced very differently in water than it is on land.

Our movement is not only dependent on the environment but also on our form. The fertilized egg cell moves very differently from an embryo, which again moves differently from an infant or a toddler. It takes approximately 12 months until a small child can stand and walk on its own two feet. During this time, the development of the sensomotoric system also influences the shaping of the nervous system and the psyche. We mature cognitively as well as socio-emotionally while we develop our sensomotoric skills.

The exploration of the Basic Neurocellular Patterns in adulthood creates an opportunity to perceive our movement repertoire in a more differentiated way, to broaden it and to make it more efficient. In a fine interplay of sensation, movement and psyche, individual developmental steps and particular patterns can be perfected if needed.

Specifically interesting to me, is the fact that not only these basic patterns can be observed in human movement and during child development but also in the animal kingdom and throughout evolution. There are parallels, for example, to the forms and movements that we find in both invertebrates and vertebrates. Animals that I find inspiring in this context are jellyfish, starfish, frogs, lizards and cats among others. Tuning into the movement style of one of these animals gives me an experience of my interconnectedness with other species, which I find very touching.

Working with the Basic Neurocellular Patterns was my introduction into the method of Body-Mind Centering® and was what got me hooked on the subject, over 10 years ago. I was fascinated by the patterns from the very beginning, I felt strengthened and nourished in my explorations. Nowadays, I practice a combination of the basic patterns along with a mix of primitive reflexes, and positional and balance reactions on a daily basis. I keep on making new and interesting discoveries through continuous, regular repetitions and I am finding it very beneficial and enriching on many levels.

This course is an introduction to the described material. We will learn some of the basic patterns as examples – not all of them. We will ask ourselves where the movement pattern is initiated from and how it is traveling through the body. We will learn to distinguish patterns which are based on compression and pushing from those that are based on elongation and pulling. Central to all of this is the important role played by the support from the earth, the space and a human counterpart.

Everybody is warmly invited to join. Previous experience with Body-Mind Centering® is not necessary.


6 th + 7 th of August 2022
both days from 11 am until 2 pm

Move-It – Raum für Yoga und Rehasport
In der Aue 6
37213 Witzenhausen

60-90 € sliding scale
depending on your financial possibilities
in total we need to get together 560 € for all my costs to be covered

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