Contact meets Waterdance Gathering GOA



Contact meets Waterdance Gathering

GOA * 13 th – 19 th of February 2019



In the Contact meets Waterdance Gathering we explore and celebrate Contact Improvisation, Waterdance and Experiental Anatomy. We allow our senses to enliven, investigate our moving, touching and relating bodies and invite the nurturing elements of nature to support our practices.

In this one week journey we explore movement and touch in water and on land. With and without partners we practice somatic awareness, explore developmental and evolutionary movement patterns as well as other elements inspired by Body-Mind-Centering and wonder how that informs our Contact Improvisation dances in different environments.


The individual and the group process will be supported by other practices such as Singing, Sharing and Authentic Movement.



Why going into the water?


Evolutionary and developmentally we are all coming from the water. The water in our bodies makes up to 70 % of our body weight and also 70 % of the planet is covered with water. So, water plays an important role in our life. Going back to the water in a somatic awareness and dance context can help us to reconnect to this element, to its qualities, its sensations and can enrich and inspire our movement experience.


For us, the richest inspirations from moving and being moved in water is remembering softness and permeability in the body as well as three-dimensionality, slowness, lightness, effortless flow. The water gives us the chance to establish a state of being rather than doing. Being surrounded by water can also be very comforting and healing.


The dance journey we have created starts in the water – inspired by the evolutionary and the developmental movement process we have gone through as human infants. This particular exploration of the movement patterns is inspired by a somatic practice called Body-Mind-Centering which is brought into the world by Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen. During the week we will alternate the sessions in the water with the sessions on the land. Exploring how the moving and touching in the different environments inform each other. Eventually we will land in the world of gravity, weight and structure.


We wish to create a safe container where we can integrate the qualities of the water as well as the earth into our body-mind and also inviting a sense of innocent playfulness, curiosity, lightness and joy.



Who are we?


The Contact meets Waterdance Gathering is mainly facilitated by Marielle Gerke, Dolores Dewhurst Marks and Vega Luukonen. Dolores Dewhurst Mark and Marielle Gerke will hold the space in the Water-Beach-Motion sessions and the Somatics into Contact Improvisation sessions which have an explorative character working on the qualities and sensations of the movements. Vega Luukonen will facilitate Authentic Movement and the Contact Improvisation classes which look more on the useful technical aspects of the form and that will feed and support the explorations in the other sessions and vice versa. Matthieu Panassie is supporting the journey with his beautiful and touching Singing Circles.