CI & Experiental Anatomy Workshops in Witzenhausen



June 21 st – 23 rd 2019 *** Senses and Perception

November 22 nd – 24 th 2019 *** Organs (more infos follow later)




June 21 st – 23 rd 2019



Through our senses we receive information about our environment as well as about our inner world. Perception is the activity of processing, interpreting, integrating, refusing, changing and using the received information. How the information lands in our system depends on our previous experiences, the context of the current moment and our expectations towards the future.


In this workshop we explore alone and together all our six senses – movement, touch, taste, smelling, hearing and seeing. We differentiate those senses that can be stimulated throughout the whole body in each and every cell – movement and touch – from those who are stimulated around the head – taste, smelling, hearing and seeing. Different explorations lead us sometimes into relating with others, into dancing, into Contact Improvisation or into soloing. Other times we enjoy the sensual input while resting. We also allow emotions and memories to be awakened through the sensations.


This workshop is suitable for all those who would like to explore and meet themselves and their environment through their senses. We use Contact Improvisation as element to research the senses of movement and touch. Previous experiences are helpful but not necessary. The explorations that I propose in this workshop are highly inspired by my studies and training of Body-Mind-Centering at Moveus (Somatic Movement Educator Program).



21 st – 23 rd of June 2019

Fri 7 – 10 pm, Sat 11 am – 6 pm & Sun 11 am – 5 pm



Move-It, In der Aue 6, Witzenhausen



100 – 150 € *** GIVE AS MUCH AS YOU CAN

Sleeping in the studio from friday on is included in the price


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