CI Gathering in Witzenhausen

“Resting in Contact”
CI Gathering in Witzenhausen
6 th – 8 th of December


In Nature the winter is the time to rest, to integrate, to process and to lay the foundation for the upcoming year. When it is getting cold and dark outside, the plants, the soil and a lot of animals take a rest and shift their awareness more to the inside. To me, this is a very special time too. I feel it makes a lot of sense to rest and digest then, to become still and to listen to what needs to be listened to.


I invite you to give yourself a present for Christmas and take a moment to rest before the year ends. Take time for yourself to reflect on the year, acknowledge your processes, developments and achievements in 2018.


To stay warm, safe and nurtured on your needs for contact, community and warmth while you rest, I invite you to rest in Contact – within a small group of maximum 20 lovely CI dancers, movers and friends. We can share this precious time of the year together a weekend long in motion and stillness in water and on land. We have time and space to move and touch upon what needs and wants to be moved and touched upon before the new year is starting.


There will be very little input. A lot of space for dancing, bodywork, sharing, singing, resting, digesting, going into nature and being.


I have booked a super cosy yoga studio with a big dance space, sleeping room, kitchen, shower and toilet facilities. So, we can stay all weekend in the studio and from there it is only 5 minutes into the forest. I have also booked a private pool in the Badeparadies Eiswiese in Göttingen which we will have to ourselves for waterdancing including free entrance to the sauna area on saturday afternoon and evening.

Beginning: 14 th of December from 4 pm on; Jam and Singing Circle starting 6.30 pm

Contribution: 100-150 € including sleeping in studio including pool + sauna fee